Our November 2018 line-up includes:

Devon Stokes-Bennett: “Perfect” – Ed Sheeran

Do we honour our teachers as learners the same ways we seek to honour our students? Let’s reframe adult learning with familiar concepts: relationships and safety, strength-based approaches, differentiation and backwards design.

Devon is the new Humanities 8-12 District Teacher for SD 35. Devon has been fortunate to have worked in four districts now as a teacher and a coordinator in a variety of areas. Her passions include alternative ed., digital literacy and teacher mentorship.

Bill Roche: “Celebration” – Kool & the Gang

Celebrating student achievement empowers young people with pride, confidence & positive beliefs. This presentation will reflect on the IDEA Summit and discuss how it will positively impact Langley students for years to come.

Bill is committed to helping young people develop an entrepreneurial mindset. His programs are used in many Langley schools and he is on the IDEA Summit planning team. Bill is thrilled to work with a District that has such a compelling vision.

Tera Sprintenatic: “I Will Survive” – Gloria Gaynour

Tera will speak on trauma informed teaching practices, which guides her school counselling practice. There is both students who need the empowerment of “I will survive” through out what they face in life as well as staff.

Currently a counsellor at R.E. Mountain Secondary, Tera has been in the district for 10 years. She loves rock climbing.

Carrie Antoniazzi: “I Can’t Remember” – Alice In Chains

This past November, I suffered a concussion. Dealing with the effects has reminded me of the importance of mental health in the classroom . It’s also forced me to change the way I teach and change my expectations of myself.

Carrie has been working in education for 12 years. This year, she is teaching grade 4/5 and putting into practice all the exciting projects she had developed over the previous 5 years as a district resource teacher.

Brendan Kwiatkowski: “Man in the Mirror” – Michael Jackson

The ability to teach emotional intelligence to students is severely dependent on our self-exploration into our own emotions. “Man in the Mirror” highlights the need for us (in this case particularly males) to self-reflect in order to change the world.

Brendan has been teaching for 5 years. In the fall he is heading to Edinburgh with his family for his PhD in Education. His research builds upon his master’s where he created and led a social-emotional intervention for boys with behavioural needs.

Jen Calado: “How I Feel” – A Tribe Called Red

In the song “How I Feel”, we’re called to listen, to learn, and to bring about change in society. As an educator, Canadian, and human being I’ll share a bit of my journey towards becoming a better si:yaye (friend).

Jenn is a grade 3/4 French Immersion Teacher at James Kennedy Elementary. She has a MEd from SFU where she focused on Peace Education. Jenn is passionate about reconciliation and honouring all voices.

Luke Dandurand: Native North America Vol. 1

A compilation of songs from residential school survivors compiled by Vancouver DJ Kevin Howes. Nominated for a Grammy in 2015, it allowed for Elders and survivors to regain their voice & story back through the beauty of music, song & friendship.

Luke is Wiyé.nox ‐ the man of sound. A name earned and gifted from the Elders of Kwantlen First Nation and his hereditary chief Marilyn Gabriel, for his extensive background in music and capabilities of public speaking.

Emma Potts: “Firework” – Katy Perry

This song relates to the message I want to share about overcoming obstacles and what we, as at risk youth, are capable of. We all have the potential to light up the sky.

Emma is a student in her last year of school before going on to UFV for a career in education. She has spoken of her experiences for Tedx, Ignite, and Board presentations. Her goal is to help people understand at risk youth having been one herself.

Sandy Balascak: “Be As” – Prozzak

One of the most important things we do is to create a safe, “family”, space at school with an emphasis on acceptance over labeling.

Sandy is very proud of the accomplishments of her school and speaks about what at-risk youth are capable of. She has done TEDx, multiple Ignites, several conferences and has an upcoming course she designed and will be delivering at UBC Okanagan.

Gail Markin: “Where Everybody Knows Your Name” – Cheers

It is the song that welcomed people to school when I started in Langley School District in my practicum. It played on the PA every morning. It is a song about belonging and belonging is essential to wellbeing.

Gail is a teacher, counsellor, proud mother of two adult offspring, resident of Langley, and is passionate about all things to do with wellness.

Michelle Allen: “All-Star” – Smash Mouth

Every kid has a chance to be an all-star, but you have to take them as they come. Some are born to be shooting stars but some you have to throw up into the sky and hope they’ll start flying on their own…

Michelle teaches careers and computer science at Brookswood Secondary. She enjoys new technology, reading and baking. Her favourite part about being a teacher is meeting new people every year, and watching students graduate!